Privacy Policy - Data & Cookies

The European Union data protection rules require that website publishers offer their readers an informed choice regarding the use of cookies and other data retention policies. To that end the Journeyman′s Workshop uses a small javascript app, Cookie Consent by Silkstream, to record your acceptance or visit this page. Cookie Consent of course sets a persistent cookie to record the fact that you have clicked on the button! As UK is no longer part of the EU I was going to remove this but left it working to make our European neighbours feel at home here.

The Journeyman′s Workshop does NOT collect any data or record personal information unless you make contact by e-mail or leave a comment in the Latest News section. Your e-mail address is obviously kept so that I can reply to you and your website address will be linked if you provide it. Your e-mail information will remain private at all times. If you comment in the Latest News section (blog) Wordpress does create cookies. This is what Wordpress says on the subject:-

When visitors comment on your blog, they too get cookies stored on their computer. This is purely a convenience, so that the visitor won't need to re-type all their information again when they want to leave another comment. Three cookies are set for commenters:-
comment_author, comment_author_email and comment_author_url
The commenter cookies are set to expire a little under one year from the time they're set.

Third Party Cookies

The European Union directives also require that users are told about third party cookies and data collection. As far as the Journeyman′s Workshop goes this only refers to the Google Ads that appear on the site. This is what Google say about the privacy policies that may apply to "AdSense" adverts.

Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on your prior visits to a site. Google's use of the DoubleClick cookie ( is Google′s advertising network) enables it and its partners to serve ads that are based on your visits to sites across the Internet. You may opt out of using the DoubleClick cookie for interest-based advertising by visiting Ads Settings (click on the advertising options logo ).

Disabling Cookies

There is no easy method of disabling cookies for this website, at least not one that I have discovered. So if you do not wish to allow the use of cookies you will have to make the necessary changes to your browser settings. Most browsers have a private browsing mode which should achieve this. The links on this page (at the right or below) give more information regarding cookies, European legislation and Google policies. You could also use an add-blocker which would largely solve any doubts you have about Google cookies but this would have a detrimental effect on my tiny revenue stream from Google which just about pays for site hosting.

Copyright Information

The content of this site is copyright of the Journeyman′s Workshop (formerly CIGN Workshop). If you wish to use anything please ask. I doubt that I will say no and you may get a link.


  1. The Journeyman′s Workshop (this website) is the personal website of John Waterhouse and expresses my ideas and opinions. I make no claim for accuracy, reliability or suitability should you choose to use ideas from this site. Any procedures, modifications or projects shown here are presented for information only and should not be undertaken unless you are aware of the implications of doing so.

  2. Altering manufactured equipment will at least be liable to void your warranty. At worst changing supplied safety devices, guards, etc. can cause injury. You make such changes strictly at your own risk even if shown or explained in this or any linked site. You may still remain liable for such changes even if you sell the machine to a third party.

  3. Operating tools and machinery, whether powered or otherwise, is inherently dangerous. You or visitors to your workshop could be seriously injured. This includes machinery you build. Look after yourself and your visitors. Always use appropriate safety equipment.

  4. Links from this site are beyond my control and I am not responsible for their content or accuracy. Please let me know of any broken links though.

  5. The Journeyman′s Workshop shall not be liable in respect of any goods or services that are advertised or promoted on the Website by any other suppliers, including Google Ads, and you should make your own inquiries to ensure that the goods and services offered by those suppliers are suitable for your purposes and that you have read and agreed any terms of business under which those goods and services are supplied. The Journeyman′s Workshop makes no recommendation, direct or implied, regarding products so advertised.

  6. Any recommendations or reviews contained in The Journeyman′s Workshop are personal views and made in good faith and without any implied liability.

  7. Registered trade names, trade marks and logos are owned, and all rights belong, to the company so identified.