Manuals & Charts - Downloads

There are a few downloads available on the website so I have collected them all together here. Most are PDF format scans of old documents. Clicking the link should automatically start the download.

Thread Size Information

This information is from a now defunct website "Watchman" which fortunately has been archived on the Wayback Machine website. The original is a huge HTML table but also available as a spreadsheet. I have downloaded the spreadsheet and modified the layout slightly and made it available here for download along with a pdf version of the chart. The table is 525 rows long and covers 24 different thread types. The image below shows what data is in the download.

Thread information
Drilling & Tapping

This is a copy of a wallchart produced by Magicalia (forerunner of MyTime Media) in Model Engineers Workshop. A bit smaller than the table described above. A standard one page PDF document, original is 570mm x 400mm Copyright I assume is MyTime Media


Scans of old manuals for some of the machinery mentioned on the website. These are standard PDF format files so should open in a browser window.

A collection of old articles and photos relating to the Manson hot air engine.

Elmer's Engines

Elmer Verburg designed and made many small engines and published instructions and plans in his book 'Elmer's Engines' published in 1988. The book is no longer in print but some of the plans are available online. All of the plans were on the 'John Tom' website for free download but this has gone off-line. Some of the plans are still available on the 'Wayback Machine', I have downloaded these files and put them all into standard PDF format, some were just images and they are listed below for download. It was always Elmer's view that the plans should be free to benefit as many as possible so I am just helping to spread the word. The numbers refer to the chapter in the book the missing numbers are where the file is unavailable.

Elmer's Engines - The Book

Since completing the list above I have now located a download for Elmer's book that works. I have updated the list and filled in the gaps but you can now get them all in one go. I am not entirely sure that it is properly in the public domain. Last heard the copyright was held by Dirk Tollenaar who had allowed the PDF copy to be made available as a download.

Elmer's Engines by Elmer Verburg [ISBN: 0-9621671-0-X, Publisher: Old Orchard Publishing Service] The book is currently out of print but when published as a hardback book was 52 chapters each covering one small steam engine for the model maker to build. The chapters each have a detialed dimensioned (Imperial) drawing to work from. There is also an appendix outlining tools and methods to help build the engines.

An alternative build for the Kimble Engine - There is a good write up of an engine based on Elmer's design on Home Model Engine Machinist. 'Romartin' has provided a nice build write-up with downloadable PDF plans - HMEM Kimble Engine

An alternative build for the Standby Engine - My version based on Elmer's design on this site. Build write-up with downloadable PDF plans - No. 19 Standby Engine