Manuals & Charts - Downloads

There are a few downloads available on the website so I have collected them all together here. Most are PDF format scans of old documents. Clicking the link should automatically start the download.

Thread Size Information

This information is from a now defunct website "Watchman" which fortunately has been archived on the Wayback Machine website. The original is a huge HTML table but also available as a spreadsheet. I have downloaded the spreadsheet and modified the layout slightly and made it available here for download along with a pdf version of the chart. The table is 525 rows long and covers 24 different thread types. The image below shows what data is in the download.

Thread information
Drilling & Tapping

This is a copy of a wallchart produced by Magicalia (forerunner of MyTime Media) in Model Engineers Workshop. A bit smaller than the table described above. A standard one page PDF document, original is 570mm x 400mm Copyright I assume is MyTime Media


Scans of old manuals for some of the machinery mentioned on the website. These are standard PDF format files so should open in a browser window.

A collection of old articles and photos relating to the Manson hot air engine.