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WM 250 Lathe 1 - Installation
WARCO WM 250V Lathe (A newer one!)
WM 250 Lathe 2 - Headstock Details
WM 250 Lathe 3 - Bed & Saddle
WM 250 Lathe 4 - Tailstock & Extras
WM 14 Vertical Milling Machine
WM 250 Maintenance - Oil Change
BDS 460 Belt & Disc Sander
Journeyman′s Workshop Tour
oil change for WM 250
changing the oil


3D Printer Kit Build
Flip-up Screwcutting Toolholder
Stepper Drive for Rotary Table
Chip Guard for the WM 14 Mill
Headstock Chip Guard for the Lathe
QCTP - New Cross-Slide Toolpost
QCTP - 4 Bolt Clamp
fitting a quick change toolpost
4 Bolt Clamp - Mods
Low Voltage Light for Lathe or Mill
Tachometer for the WM 14 Mill
Collet Chuck for the WM 250
Milling Vice Clamps
Saddle Clamp for the Lathe
Small Projects for the Lathe -
  Chuck Board, Belt Tensioner,
  Hinged Cover, Saddle Stop
small lathe projects
hinged cover * saddle stop
Drilling Machine Hold Down Clamp
Cam Operated Tailstock for WM 250
  WM 250 Screw-cutting Information
Toolmakers Clamps
Change Gear Retractor & Silencer
clamp plate mod
maurice′s mods


Elmers Standby Engine - Part 1
Elmers Standby Engine - Part 2
Hot Air Engine
Stuart - Victoria
Elmers Engine
elmers no. 19 standby engine

Marine & Other Interests

Ramblings on Nauticalia
Model Slipway Loyal Class
T.S. Glen Strathallan
paddle engine
vertes - paddle engine

Data & Tables

Drill Sizes
Metric Threads & Tapping Charts
BSW & BSF Threads & Tapping Charts
BA & ME Threads & Tapping Charts
UNC & UNF Threads & Tapping Charts
Imperial - Metric Conversion Table
Circle Diameter Circumference Area
Drills - Equivalent Sizes
Standard Wire Gauges
Polygons From Round Bar
Turning & Milling Speeds & Feeds
Morse Taper Dimensions
BSP Thread Data
WM 250 Manual - Download PDF (14MB)
threading data
thread information


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Modern Stirling Engine
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