Parts Of The Lathe

Lathe Parts Diagram
Centre Lathe (Clausing) Parts Diagram

The above drawing names the parts that you will likely find on a medium sized lathe. The lathe is an older machine by Clausing who are still in business in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. Smaller lathes in particular will not have every part as shown and some larger lathes may well have additional parts and functions. The table below explains what the various bits do and gives alternative names where applicable.

Lathe Parts Diagram

Parts Of The Milling Machine

Benchtop Mill Parts Diagram
Vertical Milling Machine (Grizzly G0704) Parts Diagram
Large Vertical Mill Parts Diagram
Large Vertical (Bridgeport Style) Milling Machine Parts Diagram
Horizontal Mill Parts Diagram
Horizontal Milling Machine Parts Diagram

The annotated images above depict the three basic types of milling machine. The small vertical bench mill is a Grizzly G0704 the diagram from their manual. The next down is a larger vertical mill styled after the Bridgeport by Jet Tools and lastly a Cincinnati horizontal milling machine. The various part names are common to all three types with minor variations in usage. The table below explains some of the parts.

Horizontal Mill Parts Diagram