CSS Menus

It was pointed out to me that some people are still using Internet Explorer 6 as a browser and that the menus on the website do not work. I must admit that I had deliberately ignored older browsers whilst writing the site but just in case I have added some additional navigation that doesn’t rely on CSS to work. Why IE6 is still in use remains a mystery, it is after all over 10 years old and never was standard compliant. Even Microsoft are trying desperately to persuade users to upgrade. I have been using Firefox for ages but when writing the site tried it in several other browsers. It all seemed to work OK which begs the question what else could you use for menus other than CSS. OK, you could use Javascript but that can be switched off in the browser but come to that so can styling be switched off. Short of doing everything in PHP there seems to be no surefire way of doing things. All that said I think I will just stick to the CSS and rely on the hope that most users don’t turn styling off and don’t turn Javascript off either. Hopefully the extra navigation will solve any problems for those tied to ancient technology.