Elmer’s Metric Standby Engine

I have added two new pages detailing the construction of my version of Elmer’s Standby Engine (No. 19). Elmer Verburg designed many small engines and published his designs in a book “Elmer′s Engines” in 1989. The book is out of print but I have seen copies available through Amazon for £200.00 up. Fortunately most of the book is available online from john-tom.com.

Elmers Metric Standby Engine
Elmers Metric Standby Engine

All of the original engines are designed with imperial measurements and the Standby Engine is quite small so I up-scaled it and redrew the plans using metric measurements. I slightly altered a few bits but essentially it follows the original, just a bit bigger. The re-drawn plans are available in the article as a PDF and can be printed onto 4 A4 sheets. I got a bit carried away with the photos and there are about 70 of them so I split the build over two pages so that download time isn′t too slow. I also experimented with HTML5 video for the first time and added a short clip at the end showing the engine running. The two new pages are in the Models tab of the menu which has, to say the least, been sparsley populated since I first set up the website.

Elmers Metric Standby Engine – The static bits.
Elmers Metric Standby Engine – The moving bits.


Since my brief time as an engineer in the Merchant Navy, I have always had an interest ships and shipping. I have been building a model, Loyal Mediator, for many years and hope to sail it one day. I have often thought that Neuwerk, a German Coastguard vessel would make a great second model. I tried some time ago to locate plans for this without success (see Nautical Ramblings ). A renewed search of the “Interweb” together with much use of Google Translate has at last come up trumps and I have sourced not one but two sets of drawings. One set I have already received from VTH (Vertag für Technik und Handwerk GmBH) in germany which is a 1:100 scale set of drawings for modelmakers. Another set of original drawings from the ships owners, WSA Cuxhaven, I still await. All I need to do now is finish my current model to get some practice, then learn how to scratch build a model and finally set to and create a model of Neuwerk. Going at my speed about another ten years should see it OK!