Using Tablet Computers With The Workshop

I have recently discovered that the latest update of Chrome mobile (Android) seems to have broken the menu system in the Journeyman’s Workshop. Anoying or what! Everything was working fine and if you use Firefox Mobile or Dolphin it still does. I have tried various tweaks but no joy yet. I think this problem may be apparent on the iPad as well but I have no way of checking. At present the only sure fire way to navigate on a tablet is to use the Sitemap which has direct links to everything and is available at the bottom of every page.


  1. Written By: Robert Wood In August 2014

    Hello I am looking for information on the Amadeal XJ25 milling machine. I am interested in The speed control system, and any technical information. Circuit diagrams, gearing operating instructions etc.

    • Written By: Journeyman In August 2014

      Hi Robert
      Sorry I don't know anything about this machine. I have a WM14 made by Weiss, the XJ25 is by a different manufacturer. You might try asking about on one of the many engineering forums. I can recommend Home Model Engine Machinist. You could of course ask Amadeal most suppliers are quite helpful. Good luck.

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