Geomagic Design


I have been using Alibre for my drawings for some time, the learning curve is pretty steep and on an expertise scale of 1 to 10, I am still firmly at 1 or thereabouts! The latest version for 2013 has been renamed Geomagic Design following the purchase of Geomagic by Alibre’s parent company 3D Systems. There are a number of new features and some tweaks to the interface. There are different versions of the program with Geomagic Design Personal being the entry level that I have. Not all features are available in the Personal version but it is probably the most suitable for the home user and definitely the most affordable. There are plenty of free tutorial videos available and a useful users forum so the new user is well catered for. All you need is a brain slightly less fuzzy than mine…

UPDATE April 2015 – 3D Systems have now decided not to support Design Elements any longer and wanted a whole heap of cash to upgrade to the next higher version. I will keep on with what I have until it no longer functions. Can’t afford lots of pension money for something I don’t use that much!


  1. Written By: Journeyman In April 2014

    3D Systems are still altering things! There is now a new licencing system and I now have Geomagic Design Elements. The latest edition seems to have a few bugs as I keep seeing error messages, the program still works well enough but the messages take the polish off a bit. Of course it might just be I am trying to do things the wrong way. Hopefully this will be the last change, at least until the next upgrade

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