WM250 Oil Change

Inside the gearbox
Leadscrew Gearbox

The leadscrew gearbox was getting a bit low on oil and as the oil was still the original I decided an oil change was in order. Nothing too complicated but it led on to another small mod to the lathe which I wrote up for anyone who needs new oil.

WM250 Maintenance


  1. Written By: Harry In December 2014

    Hey John, Love your website. Thank you so much for taking the time out to put this kinda stuff online. Its a great read and very interesting.

    I’m looking at getting a WM250 lathe fairly soon and I wondered if you recommend it. You seemed to have a pretty positive time with it in some of your posts about it. Is there anything I should look for? I plan on having a chat to the Warco guys at a model engineering exhibition in london in a few weeks but there is no substitute for talking to a guy who has run one for a while.

    Thanks for reading and cheers in advance for any response.


    • Written By: Journeyman In December 2014

      Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed. Warco will probably give discount at shows or at least throw in some extras. Make sure you go for the new model with AC motor and VFD control. If possible go for the model with power cross-feed. I think for the money these are pretty good lathes.

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